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  • The following is the maximum size and weight for carry-on baggage onboard SAS flights:
    • Height: 55 cm/22"
    • Width: 40 cm/16"
    • Depth: 23 cm/9"
    • Weight: 8 kg/18 lbs.
  • Note: From Shanghai (Pudong Airport (PVG)), carry-on baggage maximum dimensions should not exceed 115 cm.

  • Extra security checks on electronic devices will be carried out at departure gates for flights to the US from Stockholm & Copenhagen. Ensure that mobile telephones, tablets, laptops & other electronic devices are charged so that you can demonstrate that they operate normally. If they cannot operate normally, the case will be handed over to local police.

  • If you are flying to the US or Asia in SAS Plus or SAS Business, you can bring two pieces of carry-on baggage onboard each weighing up to 8 kg/18 lbs.

  • In addition to this allowance, all passengers are allowed to bring a handbag or small laptop bag onboard for free. (Height 40 cm/16", Width 30 cm/11.8", Depth 15 cm/ 5.9")
  • Liquids and gels in containers larger than 100 ml/3.38 oz. are not allowed.

  • You can bring duty-free goods purchased outside of the EU when you are transferring to another flight at an EU airport. More about the new rules here.

  • Goods purchased in duty-free areas to/from the US
    More on duty-free to/from the US

    Travel to the US
    You can bring drinks purchased in duty-free areas onboard. Duty-free goods purchased in Stockholm or Copenhagen, including liquids, gels and spray bottles can be taken onboard even if you have a flight connection in the US.
    Read more here

    Travel from the US
    Duty-free goods, including liquids, gels and spray bottles are delivered at the aircraft.

  • Some of our aircraft are small. If you fly on one, we may ask you to leave your carry-on bag at the door, where it will be checked in and returned to you when you leave the aircraft.

  • There are certain things that you can't carry on board depending on your departure country & destination. More on prohibited items
+ A small laptop bag
Or A handbag

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