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Passengers with reduced mobility

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Reduced mobility

  • You can bring your wheelchair or walker onboard at no additional charge.

Before travel
  • In order for us to assist you in the best manner, in accordance with EU regulation 1107/2006 and to ensure that you get the help you need, It is recommended to make the reservation not later than 48 hours before departure, to ensure the best assistance for passenger. If reservation is made less than 48 hours before departure, the guaranteed waiting time for assistance might be longer.
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  • To facilitate your journey with assistive devices or equipment that requires additional space due to weight or size, inform us at the time of booking.

  • Depending on the aircraft type, there may be restrictions on the type of equipment you can bring onboard as baggage. Determine at booking whether your equipment can be loaded on the scheduled aircraft type.

  • For safety and/or other operational reasons, it may be necessary to use a different type of aircraft than originally planned. You will be informed at the time of booking. If such a change of aircraft makes it impossible for you to travel with an assistive device/equipment, we will offer an alternative for your trip.

At the airport
  • If you choose the meeting point, please arrive two hours before departure.
    If no other time is specified in writing, you should be at the check-in counter no later than one hour before departure.

  • Onboard all our SAS flights, ask our cabin crew for assistance. Note that we are not authorized to assist you with personal care.

  • Depending on the route, different types of equipment are available for passengers with reduced mobility.
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    On our intercontinental routes (A330/A340 aircraft)
    • A special wheelchair is available for the use of passengers with reduced mobility. You can use this wheelchair for access to/from the toilet.
    • At least 1 extra large toilet is available which allows you easier maneuvering inside the toilet. These toilets are also equipped with assistive handles allowing easier maneuverability inside the toilet.

    On our domestic and European routes
    • No special wheelchair is available.
    • Standard-size toilets are available. They are equipped with an assistive handle allowing easier maneuverability inside the toilet.
  • Would you like to know more about PRM (people with reduced mobility) rules?
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